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Webcam Modeling Tips
Webcam Modeling Tips
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Your biggest assets are your “Eyes, Smile & Personality”

- Just have fun, smile don’t let people boss you around. Smile giggle be outgoing

- Be Sarcastic

- Have another model to be in your room as a guest to help regulate and encourage the customers.
(Example.... " if u want to order her around Take her into to your own private room" )

- New models/performers must look at other models to learn from.

- Audio-get a crystal clear one where it doesn’t sound like a radio station out of range.

- Try different camera angles and lighting

- Keep your hands away from face, like palm on chin laying down with eyes half closed.

- Invest in a good camera with zoom and clear picture (worth the $$)

- Try to look clean!! Brush hair, teeth, take a bath etc..

- Take me “private” u can only know my fetishes in “private”
   I’m ready now for you to “private” me.  Saying the “private” word over and over is a big No-No!!

- Get your own signature style. Like “puuurrr” line is hot and used a lot..



This is not “myspace” don’t post your bio like one.
  For example in WHAT I LIKE: meeting new friends online

  All other categories like Fetishes you can write “chat with me to find out”
  If someone asks you “what are your fetishes?” your reply “oh no u can only find out in “Private”.”


Get interested in what people in the room are saying not look around look at watch their texting.

- Post your schedule

- Upload sexy/hot pictures of yourself

- Develop Clientele

- Invest in costumes and toys

- Seduce the cam! 


It’s been a week and I have no privates?

Unfortunately its probably going take u longer then that, not b/c of Who u are just because people want feel you out first, get to know u a little better. It helps to be on at different times of the day as well.


Do you usually work at night?

Or during the day?

Do u smile?

Joke around?

Answer questions?

u got good lighting in there?

Positive attitude?


And never beg to go private. PEOPLE HATE THAT, AND ITS A BIG TURN OFF FOR THEM (don’t be like want to go “Private”, I want to go “Private”.

It shows people here that your all about the money, NOW don’t get me wrong, we all know we are all here for the money, but they don’t need to know that.



Seem genuinely interested in the clients! Ask fantasy and fetish questions!

Should I use audio in free chat? If so and no one talks really when there is a whole room full of people, Turn the audio off, go on an audio strike until u cum, they might not like it, but they will get the point.

Tell them there's always Audio in “Private”.


Maybe put some tunes on, when the microphones not on, and dance around.

Seduce the cam. A lot of girl’s and guys don’t even look at the camera and they sit there and stare at them selves in the preview window. Eye contact makes them feel more important to you, and it’s just a respect thing.


Lighting is HUGE! With the right lighting in the right places it can really go ALOT of good for the way u look on camera. Show enough, but not to much where they can just cum in free chat.


Encourage the grey guys to sign up for a FREE Account. Let them know it’s FREE and u get TWO minutes for free. They only ask for a cc/debit card, to verify age, that’s all. It’s a 12 dollar value,

So Encourage that!



How can I see other models at work?

To see other models performing you will need to visit the customer side of the site you are not able to use your performer account log-in information to log into the customer side of the site. You can visit as a free “grey” member or take advantage of the 120 free credits with free registration offer to become a “white” member.


What happens when you get days that are slow?
Don't let it get you down! I would try a few shifts at night when I was performing nights were always my best but you have to find a schedule that really works for you.


Post a schedule… If you post a schedule, members will know when you are on and hopefully visit you. Use your Bio, be sure to fill it out so we can have a way to know something about you. Use your Diary in the bio to keep members informed of schedule changes, vacations, anything you wish. Use emails to add that personal touch after someone takes you private, to let them know they are appreciated and wanted. Keep notes on members, it makes a difference when a model remembers something about us, especially since we know you see so many members each day.


Developing Clientele… It takes a while to develop a clientele. You should develop your own style, but it would be a good thing to not just “randomly” visit models, but visit the Top 20 and see why they are in Top 20. “Most” models will welcome an incognito model in her room. You can always “whisper” ( type / and then the models name ie. /penny) to them who you are and that you wanted to see how they ran a room because you noticed they are one of the top models. When you do visit models, however, please be respectful. Do not let other members know you are also a model unless the host mentions it herself. Do not flirt with the other members or attempt to 'poach' them. And this should be obvious but it has happened: do not beg to see the host model's body/clothing/whatever. She has enough beggars to deal with and in time you will see for yourself how incredibly annoying it is. Also remember that the chat room is run by the model hosting it and that people are in there to see and talk to HER. Most models don't appreciate it when the members in their room start paying more attention to one another - greetings and comments are fine as long as they don't take over the entire room. She is, after all, trying to work. :-P Ask for advice, through emails or the Model Forum. Your fellow models are very helpful. I can tell you that MY top 3 models all have different styles in open. Of course it is the body, or for me usually the face (eyes and smile), that catches a person's eye, but it is the personality that makes a person want to return.




Do I need nice Pictures…  Post pics that are you. Don’t put up pics just because you saw someone else post a similar one. A good head shot for your bio pics is a must, a picture that showcases your smile and eyes will catch attention. Members always ask to see feet, ass, legs, boobs, tats or piercings (if you have them), so pics that you can display with some of these will allow you to say, “See my bio pics”.


Bad members/non-members…  You have the ability to “Ban”, “Ignore” or “Kick” troublesome visitors to your room. For Greys you can do all 3. For Members (White or Gold) you can only ignore. You do these functions with a right click of the mouse over the member. “Ignore” will allow to basically “ignore” someone who won’t shut up, whether they are whispering or typing in open. Ignore stops when they either log out and log back in, 24 hours have passed or they go private. “Kick” will allow you to kick a grey from your room. “Ban” will allow you to ban a grey member from the site. The Ban will last 24 hours, and you have to type a reason why you banned him or her. You can also “ALERT” a monitor to an abusive member (white or gold) so they can be watched and removed if necessary. You can Alert with a right click or Alert button. Remember to post or have someone, who is a regular in your room, post the abusive person in the Chat Timewasters - "The Good-guys strikes Back" thread. Also report “Time Wasters” there. See post to understand who to post.


You will find that there are many members who are pro model and helpful.




On the flip side, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, but they are out numbered. Affliction (He starts out 'normally' and will go “Private”. However, he assumes that one or two shows entitle him to ALL of a model's attention and becomes insanely jealous when she talks to other members. If this happens, you will find it incredibly disruptive and if you don't pay him enough attention, he may well start sending you abusive emails as well as abusing you in open chat. The best way to deal with someone like that is to keep logs of this abuse and copies of the emails and then send them to your manager or studio admin to have him 'permanently' removed from your chat room. Be aware, however, that the 'permanent' ban is not actually permanent and he will come back eventually. He certainly picked the right name for himself!)

• Remember to use the Model Forum as a resource and also to ask questions which only fellow models can answer.



What is the etiquette when visiting another model’s room?

Ensure you do nothing that could be seen as trying to steal customers from that room. The easiest way of doing that is to simply watch and say nothing. If you wish to communicate then ensure that you have chosen a nick name that does not resemble your model name. Do not say anything that implies you are a model whilst in open chat. If you wish to tell the model that you are there, and that you are a model too, then do so by whispering. (You will need to be a registered member to do this however)

Remember that they are working. Ensure that you never distract them from their work, demand any of their attention, or put any focus onto you.


How do I whisper when visiting a model?

Only registered members (whites and yellows) can whisper. To whisper to them type a forward slash then the first few letters of THEIR model name followed by a space and then your message. So to say hello to a model called “Best Model” whilst in their room you would type:

/best Hello


When I came out of a “Private” show other people in the room said they had seen it, did I give a free show, is there a bug?

Whenever you go into a private show when logged on as standard, premiere or multi-user then an animated pair of curtains drops in front of the camera feed window with words suggesting they start paying to join the show. To tempt them even further all white and yellow members get to see a very short glimpse of the camera feed every now and then. Approximately every thirty seconds the curtains open to reveal a much smaller version of your camera feed, this sneak peek lasts just a couple of seconds.

This helps to increase the number of voyeur minutes you get as well as giving more chance of getting back-to-back privates.



How can I mute my microphone in free chat?

Hover your mouse pointer towards to bottom of your camera preview window, a grey bar will appear, you can click the icon at the right of this bar mute or un-mute your microphone feed.


My microphone is turned off but I can be heard in my private shows. Why?

You can mute your microphone whilst in free open chat, but as soon as a paid show starts your microphone will become live again. If you really want to keep your sound off you will need to un-plug or turn of your microphone at the source. Alternatively you can right click the preview window, choose “settings”, click the small picture of the microphone and slide the “record volume” slider all the way to the left. We do however suggest leaving your volume on, customers do like to hear how excited they make you even if you don’t talk to them.


Why is there an icon next to some customer’s names?

There are two possible icons. One will appear if the customer has added any information to their profile. To view what they have written double click the icon. The second icon appears if you have added any personal notes about the customer.


How do I add notes about customers?

Double click the blank space to the left of their name in your chat window, or if there is an icon double click that. You can also right-click their name and select “notes and Bio” from the list. That will open their bio window, in the bottom part of that window you can make notes that can only be seen by you and will be accessible every time they enter your room.

Please note whatever you write cannot be seen by the customer or other models.




How do I whisper to members?

You cannot whisper to anybody other than a monitor or your studio, and then only if they are in the room.

To whisper type a forward slash followed by their name, a space and then your message. For example:

/studio is my lighting okay


/monitor please help me deal with this annoying customer

You can whisper to members when you are in a semi-private show by using the same method.


What is a fake show?

If you click the “fake” button whilst in free open chat it will look to all members as though you have entered a paid show. All whites and yellows will the short “curtain peeks” which can help you improve the atmosphere in your room by showing what they will see in a paid show.

When you enter a fake show you will not be able to type any more, a red message will appear saying you are in fake and there will be a message in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

You can also earn if customers start paying to view the fake show as a voyeur. If that happens you will be notified in the same was as when you go into any other paid show. You still cannot type to these voyeurs and they will have no way of knowing that you are pretending to be in a show. Should all voyeurs leave you will return to the previous chat window, but you are still in fake and cannot type or be seen properly until you click “fake” again to end the show.





Why can’t I log in, why am I being thrown off mid-show, why is my cam freezing and my sound going wrong?

All those problems are normally caused by connection issues. In particular the upload speed. First of all try closing all the other open programs you have running, including messenger programs. If that doesn’t solve the problem check your bandwidth. We recommend that the minimum upload speed should be 0.5Mb (or 1Mb for Premiere).

To test your bandwidth visit http://www.speedtest.net , and connect to a US server to conduct the test. After the test you can click the option “copy to direct link” to provide our technical team with the results should you need further help.

If your bandwidth is too slow you will need to contact your ISP to upgrade the line.





What does approved music mean?

For copyright reasons you cannot broadcast and music that we do not have the correct performance license for. Therefore you may only play the royalty free music that we have provided.

You can download this free music by selecting the type you like from the “free music” link on the left hand navigation menu. Each link will download a zipped file with a collection of pieces of music. Please note these are large files so may take a while to download. Once they are downloaded unzip the file so that the contents can be played.



I’m having problems with my model-email, why can’t I see it?

Most problems with the email system are caused by browser compatibility issues. In particular, Internet Explorer. As with the customer side of the site we recommend using Mozilla’s FireFox browser to surf the site. Switching to this free and easy to install browser generally fixes all issues with email.

Google’s browser, “Chrome” is also a good alternative.








Why can’t I create threads or reply on the straight/gay fantasies forums?

This is probably because you are logged onto the site using a studio log on and not your performer logon. Studios cannot post in these customer forums.

To post log out, and log back in to using the same name and password that you use when you log onto the performer application. Remembering to select “live performer” as the log-in type. Now when you access the forums you will be able post easily. 


What do I do with abusive, annoying or spamming people in my room?

The first and easiest way to deal with these situations at the start is to simply ignore them. Very often they get bored and leave. If ignoring doesn’t work you have a number of options. With grey members you have the ability to kick or ban them by right clicking on their name and selecting the appropriate option. Always write an explanation for the action, as excessive use of these features is investigated.

If you are having problems with registered (white or yellow) members then press “Alert”, write an explanation of the problem and give the member’s name so the monitors can take the required action. If a monitor enters you room you can talk to them via whisper (/monitor your-message). Sometimes you may not see the monitor take action and the member will simply leave due to the action being taken.

Try to enlist other members to help you out, or ask them to “save” you and you may get an extra “Private” out of it!


How can I block my local area from seeing me?

Contact your studio (or account executive). You can block any US State or any worldwide country from seeing you. This doesn’t rely on what the customer tells us, but utilizes the IP address of the computer, which shows the physical location of the computer.

Please note: After requesting this it can take 48hrs to activate. If you activate it for your local area you will not be able to see your own profile. Finally this system is not fool proof, computer savvy customers can find ways around the block.


I’ve blocked my area, how can I see my reviews?

The menu on the left of these pages has the link “reviews” which will show all your reviews.


Why can’t I see my profile on any of the sites?

Most likely because you have asked to block off your local area! And as you live in your local area you can’t see yourself either! So that you can read your reviews simply use the “Reviews” link in the left hand menu of these model admin pages.




When I try to set my schedule it automatically puts me in for six hour shifts, what am I doing wrong?

6 hours is the default shift length, if this isn’t suitable for you speak to your studio manager who can change it for you. If you don’t have a studio, or you have access to your own sub-studio account settings then log on to the site using the studio user-name and password to change the schedule default length.


Why can’t I delete a schedule entry?

Only studios can amend and dele schedule entries. So please contact your studio.


How can I tell if somebody works for the Network when they are talking in my chatroom?

First of all remember that a Monitor or your studio owner could be watching you at any time, so don’t break any rules.

VS staff will never ask you for a free show. Anybody that has a username starting with a “vs_” for Example vs_brad is a staff member. No customers are able to pick user names that start with vs_.

If your studio owner talks to you in your chat window the text appears in Blue (the same as your text)

If a monitor talks their text appears in Red. No customers can make their text appear in Red or Blue.


How do I enter a Promotion?

Some of the promotions have a special category and some don’t. For those that don’t you simply need to log on and work during the promo day(s) to be in with a chance of winning.

If there is a special category and you wish to take part then once the promo starts (normally at midnight Eastern US Time) log onto your bio admin page and change the category to the new promo related entry, which starts with the word SPECIAL.

Note: your bio will automatically return to it’s previous type when the promotion ends.


What is Premiere?

Premiere is our premium service. Our customers pay 50% more to chat to premium models, and free (grey) guests are unable to visit the premiere free chat rooms.

Our premiere models are chosen on a case by case basis. There is no set criteria, but as this is a premium service we expect the models to have the best equipment, with high internet speeds and with the right skills to command the $9 per min price.

If you think you have what it takes to work in premiere then contact your studio or account executive.


What is semi-private?

Semi-private is a type of log-on that allows you to have a paid show with multiple customers at once. When you log-on in semi-”Private” mode you do not enter free chat, nobody can see or chat with you until they start paying. The rate is half that payable for standard.

During a semi-private show unlimited paying customers can join the show, each can see, hear and type to you. You can whisper back to each of them. If chatting using cam to cam you can see multiple cam feeds at once, but you cannot hear them. They all can, however, hear your voice.


What is Video Chat?

Video-Chat is another site on our network, it is separate to the main group of sites and offers free chat with multi-user paid shows at $3 per minute, so half the price of standard chat on the main network sites.



What is a conversion ratio and how important is it?

Your conversion ratio is the Number of minutes you have in a paid show compared to the number of minutes you are on-line. So if you are logged on for 100 minutes and spend twenty minutes of that in paid shows your conversion ratio would be 20%.

This is a premium network, to maintain our position as the best cam network we need to ensure that we only have the best models. To maintain that we watch your conversion ratio. If you fall below 2% for two consecutive weeks (Monday to Sunday) then you will be moved off the main network onto the Video Chat site. Before the addition of Video Chat to the network models in that fell into that category would’ve been moved off the site altogether.


How much do I get paid? When do I get paid? How do I get paid? Why haven’t I been paid?

All questions regarding Webcam Modeling Revenue (click here) or contact your account executive. This is the person that signed you up.






We are contracted entities and that means you can actually start up a BUSINESS very inexpensively and start to write off things like:

*Of course verify this with a local accountant who is familiar with ENTERTAINERS of ANY KIND*

- Portion of your house that you use for your web cam modeling

- Portion of your internet bill

- New computers, web cams or renting of electronics that is needed for your work

- New Lamps and light fixtures or wall coverings etc.

- Adult toys, Lubes

- Costumes which include; underwear, lingerie, shorts etc. anything that you would/have worn online

- Portion of your Fitness Services ie: Gym Membership, Personal Training. Keeping in shape IS YOUR BUSINESS (I offer help online too:)


These are just some of the examples that I have used as both a Professional Union performer and Exotic Entertainer over the past decade...EVEN your PHONE can have a portion written off if your calling your PRIVATE clients (ONLY) as it was written on here that we can do that now.


A quick inexpensive "doing business as" license is very cheap and if you make up to around 30-35K a year you don't need to incorporate.


If your making more than you should think about a corporation or LIMITED LIABILITY company so that you have even more write offs and less headache around tax time...the Limited Liability option is the better of the two for Models.

No point in paying out of pocket for that 100-200 Dollar toy or costume when your "business" can!



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